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We carry out quality control and analysis processes for maximum quality from raw material input to finishing processes in chemistry and quality control laboratories.

We develop our production by valuing the development of information through a dynamic team spirit that is open to continuous innovation. Toroslar Textile Oeko-Tex Standard 100, TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards approved by the production quality of products that do not threaten human health and work safety and respect for the environment as a company operating as a company that continues to modern production.


With the help of hard- soft-crease-free finishes, the fabrics can be given features that provide comfort according to their usage areas and are presented with graded proportions. Each production is presented to our customers by evaluating regular width, weight control, pH and color fastness, shrinkage and strength tests in laboratory environment. It is used in military fabrics, hard-finished tulle and net fabrics, wrinkle-hard and soft tulle fabrics used in wedding dress sector, suspended air file used in shoe sector, lacost knitting fabrics, alkandra and flag fabrics.





   It is a chemical process that protects the fabric against mold, fungus and bacteria. In this process, the fabric coated with surface active chemicals gains antibacterial properties.


    It is a finishing process applied for the absorption of water, oil and coarse fabric. It is a process that can be preferred in home textiles, clothing footwear areas.


   The flammability feature used for 100% polyester products during the finish process during the special application to increase resistance to high temperatures and delay ignition.