Ürün Kodu: TAYTÜYÜ Hairy surface fabrics Rasing Machine product for the slippers sector
Ürün Kodu: T225 110gr rashel mesh knitting
Ürün Kodu: T420 75 gr little mesh
Ürün Kodu: Strong knitted fabric.
Article Kod: T701 80 gr net fabric
Ürün Kodu: Rising machine product Soft mesh fabric for the slippers and the surface
Product Info: New trend air mesh,spacer mesh design have high Suspended Air permeability. It is a hard torn product. It is highly preferred for sports shoes. We have lots...
Ürün Kodu: T1032-1036-1038 We have too much hardness option for the military fabrics, shoewear, technictextles, bags textiles.
Ürün Kodu: T2220 180gr closed mesh fabric for the sportwear and shoeswear
Article Kod: T7 100 gr